General Dentistry in Magarpatta

General Dentistry

Honesty, integrity, and experience are just a few of the important traits patients look for in a dentist.

The The Smile Studio provides all facets of general dental care, from prevention of dental conditions to screenings for oral cancer to the treatment of advanced dental disease. Our dentists and support staff have an excellent educational background that is paired with a passion for oral health.


The oral environment tends to be naturally acidic. Dietary choices exacerbate acidity and set the stage for dental disease. Our experienced dentist recognizes the need for routine hygiene and healthy food and beverage choices, and passes this information along so that you may be empowered to manage your oral health between professional checkups and cleanings. Your dentist can give you the tools to minimize the effects of oral bacteria at home on a daily basis. With daily brushing and flossing and professional care every six months at least, there is a good chance that any restorative care needed will be very conservative.

Letting daily hygiene slip or avoiding routine dental visits allows bacteria to weaken tooth and gum tissues. Cavities may form quickly, leading to discomfort and infection. The longer you go without proper care and support, the faster dental disease can spread throughout a tooth and more complex care will be needed to restore comfort and strength.

General Dentistry in Magarpatta

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